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The Reviews Are In!

Brenda is the best. She had Bella and Kissy swimming their little hearts out (and normally they don't like to get dew on their
toes). Smart with an intrinsic "knowing" about what is best for them-I will trust Brenda anytime with the two little beings that mean the most to me.

- Sheri Salata

    When I was pregnant, I heard a lot of people tell stories about how the dog just becomes a dog once the baby arrives. I was mortified by that thought.


    Our Stella was our first born and we wanted her to keep her status. She is also emotional and needy. With the guidance of Brenda, we were able to set Stella up to be happier than she has ever been-even though she now shares us with two boys.


    Brenda had clear and specific instructions that made Stella feel like she was choosing the boys and that she was welcome in their space. They often have food near her or loud toys and we have no issues. If you want to minimize your dog’s presence once baby comes then look elsewhere.


    If you want your child to reap the health and mental benefits of a furry sibling without worrying about snips or yips, then follow Brenda’s plan.

- Sara Newkirk Simon
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