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About Brenda









About Brenda


Brenda Aréchiga is an animal behavior consultant known for her dedication, compassion, ethical approach and joyful results. Brenda has been privileged to work with the dogs of some of the biggest names in popular culture in Los Angeles, New York and Chicago but is most proud of her ability to modify behavior and create successful living environments for committed dog owners from every walk of life.

Brenda’s journey began 14 years ago when her beloved wire coat Jack Russell Terrier reached adulthood and became aggressive with puppies and also began resource guarding his toys. After diligently meeting with virtually every trainer in Los Angeles, whose solutions ranged from shocking Lucas to “alpha rolling,” him. Brenda decided to learn about dog behavior and develop her own strategy to manage Lucas' problem behaviors.

Her incremental and force-free approach is based on years of working and rescuing dogs along with her studies of Applied Behavior Analysis and Behavior Change Science. She has been mentored by top behaviorists and animal trainers who work across species. From them, Brenda has learned to use the laws of nature and principles of science to modify behavior.

“I’ve learned to never label a dog or infer what a dog might be thinking. If you thoughtfully examine their environment and behavior, your dog can become your partner in learning,” Brenda says. “Regardless of whether you have an 8-week old puppy or a senior dog, by implementing clear communication and ethical techniques that elicit joyful movement, a happy and balanced home life is possible for every dog and their owner.”

Motivated by her life long love of dogs, Brenda has donated countless hours to dog rescues based in Southern California and Vancouver, B.C. Her vast first hand experience working with fearful dogs along with her knowledge of least invasive protocols make Brenda a specialist in managing and rehabilitating fearful and reactive dogs.

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